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ANNOUNCEMENT Vulamathuba, the community and social development division of Communicare, was established to deliver developmental interventions to Communicare tenants. Vulamathuba’s overall objective is to create opportunities for the economic growth of residents in fostering the principle of Economic Mobility through skills, training, and development. Vulamathuba administers Credit Bearing Skills Programmes in Customer Management and [...]

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Mbali found her passion at Vulamathuba

Communicare in partnership with Vulamathuba runs the Compass internship programme, to give young people work experience as well as the necessary skills, to empower them in their career paths. Mbali Buthelezi found her passion whilst an intern. Mbali's story is one of Vulamathuba's celebrated success stories. At the beginning of 2019, she began her internship, [...]

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What our Bursary Recipients have to say

Enoch Bangeni Final year student at CPUT "I received an SMS on my phone in 2016 and thought it was another bill to pay. I few days later I read it again. To my surprise, it offered residents of Communicare properties the opportunity to study further. As a tenant in Reyger Court in Brooklyn, [...]

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Stories from tenants we’ve helped along the way

John Mafwa who resides at Brooklyn was one of the participants in the Entrepreneurship Programme, the Programme is aimed at empowering those that have interest in Entrepreneurship with skills and training that would add value to their business interest. John said he really appreciates the efforts by Vulamathuba to assist Communicare tenants. Some of [...]

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