Communicare in partnership with Vulamathuba runs the Compass internship programme, to give young people work experience as well as the necessary skills, to empower them in their career paths. Mbali Buthelezi found her passion whilst an intern. Mbali’s story is one of Vulamathuba’s celebrated success stories. At the beginning of 2019, she began her internship, where she excelled! This led to her appointment to her current position.

Nondumiso Makhunga interviewed Mbali, now Vulamathuba’s Community Development Facilitator, to hear about her experience; how it assisted her career and how she is now paying it forward.

How did you hear about Vulamathuba?

I saw an ad(vert) on the Indeed jobs portal.

Tell me more about you career background, how Vulamathuba has impacted your journey and experience?

After graduating, I was unable to find an internship relevant to my studies. I have BA Humanities degree, majored in Anthropology & Development Studies, which I graduated from the University of Johannesburg.

For a few years, I worked in admin for two training companies in Johannesburg. When I moved to Cape Town, I got a job as an admin assistant to an event coordinator.

 I came across the Compass internship and immediately applied as it sounded like something, I had needed for my career to start making sense and for me to finally make use of my qualification.

Vulamathuba, has allowed me to feel a sense purpose and growth in my life, the mentoring I have received has also enabled me to have a better picture of how I want to grow professionally and I have also become more focused on improving myself in every sphere of life now that my career is making more sense.

What is the most inspiring thing about working here?

When I started, the most inspiring part for me, was the way in which Vulamthuba’s staff is very passionate about the work that they do in supporting Communicare tenants.

You enrolled on a short course to strengthen your facilitation skills, how would you say this has helped you?

The Facilitator course helped me have more confidence when speaking in front of people. I am also now able to better plan for delivering information to an audience.

After completing the internship, Mbali I understand you were offered a permanent position. Tell me how it has been since then?

My experience has been exciting and at times a bit daunting, as this is my first permanent position. I feel like over the months, I have learnt a lot I am still working on certain skills and I am learning to trust my own judgement and be more confident in myself. I have a good work ethic –  I believe I can only become better with experience in this field.

What would you tell the youth out there about Vulamathuba?

Vulamathuba is a division of Communicare that assists those that need its support. The team of workers are genuine individuals, who really have a passion for providing support to everyone. They go the extra mile to be of assistance to those that need it. Vulamathuba plays a big role in the lives of the youth that need support and guidance from programmes like; The JazzArt Dance Programme, Matric Programme, The Zerilda Steyn Bursary Fund, Jobseekers Programme, just to name a few, it is very clear that they cater for youth in all life stages.