If you are a Communicare tenant or authorised resident and want to study or are studying at a recognised and accredited tertiary institution, you can apply for a bursary for the 2020 academic year.

Vulamathuba administers the Zerilda Steyn Bursary Fund (ZSBF). Through the bursary, it provides Communicare tenants with an opportunity to pursue tertiary education, thereby enhancing their capacity to be self-reliant and financially mobile. The principal purpose of the Fund is to give financial aid to tenants who have the academic potential, yet are economically disadvantaged.

We are inviting Communicare tenants or authorised residents who want to study or are studying at a recognised and accredited tertiary institution to apply for a bursary for the 2020 academic year. We will consider bursary applications for full-time or part-time academic or artisan studies up to an undergraduate level from learners who are financially needy, with or without disabilities, employed or unemployed and performing well academically. You will be eligible for a bursary if you are a Grade 12 learner, have passed Grade 12 in previous years or are at a recognised and accredited tertiary institution.

Click here to download the Zerilda Steyn Bursary application
For any queries, please contact Noma-Afrika Maxwele at 021 421 6008


• The closing date for submitting applications is MONDAY, 9 DECEMBER 2019.
• ZSBF awards bursaries annually and renewal is at its discretion.
• Successful candidates will need to sign an agreement with Vulamathuba.
• ZSBF will determine the financial need of candidates using a means test.
• The ZSBF’s selection will be final, and will not enter into any correspondence.
• The annual gross income of the household must not exceed R350 000 for a candidate to qualify for this funding.
• The grant will change to a loan should the recipient abandon the course of study or not provide proof of successful completion of study by the start of the new academic period.
• The bursary will be discontinued if the recipient is unsuccessful in the course of study.
• Vulamathuba will notify those applicants provisionally awarded bursaries by MONDAY, 23 DECEMBER 2019.
• If Vulamathuba has not contacted you within one month after the closing date, please accept that your application was not successful.


• Registration costs
• Tuition (course fees)
• Textbooks and other academic resource material relevant to the course
• Examination fees, if applicable


• Travelling, accommodation and meals.
• Stationery and electronic devices.
• Costs associated with supplementary examinations.
• Fees and costs associated with previous study loans or tuition expenses.