Craig Titus, a tenant at Bothasig Gardens, who was awarded the Zerilda Steyn Bursary is well on his way to building a better future for his family.

Craig grew up in Kalksteenfontein, a small community bookended by Bishop Lavis and Bonteheuwel. Growing up in this community was not easy due to the high crime rate, gangsterism, and other social problems. His late father and role model always told him not to let what was happening in his community define him or what he can achieve, that he must educate himself and work towards a better future!

Craig set out to do exactly that, when him, his wife Joy, and son applied to live in Bothasig Gardens eight years ago. He said that move changed his life for the better. He no longer had to worry about “dodging bullets” nor the safety of his family, as they had settled into a safe and peaceful neighbourhood. Bothasig Gardens was also conducive for their family when they welcomed a daughter into their family, three years into their stay.

Life was still going well when Craig suddenly found himself unemployed for almost three years, when his workplace at the time was liquidated. Although Craig had years of experience in fiber optics, his lack of a formal qualification in the field and no financial resources to pay for the qualification, limited his chances to find employment. “Life became tough and making ends meet was a struggle”, he said.

Craig Titus, a tenant from Communicare’s Bothasig Gardens complex.

It was at this point that Vulamathuba’s Economic Mobility programme brought Craig and his family new hope, by funding him to pursue an accredited short course in Optic Fibre Technology. “Vulamathuba staff helped and guided me all the way. Together with my wife and my fellow tenants in Block B at Bothasig Gardens, they supported and encouraged me and no words can truly reflect the difference they made in my life.  I am very grateful for everything they did for me”!

In addition, Craig was selected to attended an entrepreneurship course sponsored by Vulamathuba, which inspired him to register his business. Currently, Craig is working as a technician for NST Technical Services and is paving the way to running his own business soon.

Joy, who has always been Craig’s biggest supporter and is now also well on her way on her career development journey. She is currently studying towards a Social Auxiliary Work qualification also funded by Vulamathuba, with Craig right there supporting her! Craig encouraged other tenants to, grab the opportunities you get through Vulamathuba as it changed my life and can change yours too!