Supporting Vulnerable tenants

Concentrating on improving the wellbeing of vulnerable and at-risk individuals identified as needing help. Supporting vulnerable tenants to maintain tenancy, gain access to appropriate support services and extending psychosocial support to those tenants:

Active Aging:

  • Physiotherapeutic Group Rehabilitation in partnership with Hector Naidoo and Associates – Registered Physiotherapists
  • Walking football in partnership with Walking Football for Health South Africa
  • Physical fitness sessions in partnership with City of Cape Town Recreation and Sport Department
  • Fitness classes presented by Duke Fitness

Healthy Living Awareness events

  • Educational Talks
  • Financial Literacy Programmes
  • Drug Awareness Talks
  • Wellness Fairs for the Older Person

Senior Support Groups

Support groups have been initiated in senior complexes with a need to address conflict amongst tenants.

Social Clubs

  • Social Clubs run independently
  • Vulamathuba assists with member recruitment, skills training, activities and fundraising.

Tenant Support Services

  • Counselling, mediation, and psychosocial support
  • Assessment and screening of senior tenants
  • Finding suitable alternative accommodation for seniors in need of assisted living facilities
  • Endorsing Rental Concessions to provide financial help to seniors receiving an Older Persons Grant
  • Recommending the Housing Benefit, a rental respite to a maximum of three months for needy tenants who experience a short-term and unexpected financial set-back that threaten their tenancy
  • The development of girls’ football within the soccer programme has received more attention and focus from Adnaan in the last year, with the girls participating in many tournaments and coming out on top in most of these events.
  • Walking Football for Health South Africa has started to introduce the sport to a Communicare complex as a pilot project with positive results and great feedback from those senior tenants who participated.