On the 11th of April 2023, Vulamathuba hosted its first ever Bring A Child To Work day. The day was an opportunity for high school learners to learn more about the workforce and our various departments at Communicare.

Seventeen learners participated in what was an insightful day where they explored our office and the careers we offer. Learners were told which subject choices to make in order to work in a specific department. This is important so that they know what to apply for when looking for an institution of higher learning.

They were introduced to Marketing, PR and Communications, Human Capital, Information Technology, Rental Property Management, and Finance. The day gave the learners a window into the real workplace versus what they’ve learnt in class.

The Bring A Child To Work day was our take in empowering the youth and teaching them how to set goals which will make their path towards their dream career much easier.