Lauren Appolis, has the world at her feet! She has recently completed her final year exams and will soon will graduate a Bachelor of Commerce and become the first the graduate in her immediate family.

The twenty-one-year-old Bothasig Gardens tenant has always taken a keen interest in her studies said graduating will set her on the perfect path to enter the world of business, where she wants to be!

Lauren Appolis will be the first graduate in her family thanks to the ZSBF

Although life seems to be falling into perfect place for Lauren, she said she might not have achieved her dreams if it was not for the financial assistance of the Zerilda Steyn Bursary Fund (ZSBF).

Initially, didn’t consider the financial obligations of tertiary education, but now I realise that it wouldn’t have been possible without the assistance of the Zerilda Steyn Bursary Fund. [The bursary] helped me reach my goals of becoming a successful graduate student.”

Her parents always tried to provide for Lauren and her younger sister’s needs.

My favourite childhood memory is spending the holidays with my family, especially Christmas when the whole family is reunited. Family is dear to me and spending time with them is always a festivity.”

The reality of their financial constraints struck them when they were not able to pay for Lauren’s university studies. Fortunately, when she was in matric, she heard about the ZSBF from another tenant and applied. Her application was successful and four years, Lauren stands expectant for what life after university has to offer.

Lauren is an optimist and believes that for success to be attainable one must make their priorities clear. Her advice to young people is:

Believe in yourself, set goals for yourself, work hard, and don’t undermine or underestimate yourself.”

She is currently looking for any career opportunities in her field of study, whether it be an internship, job shadowing, or permanent employment. Judging from her drive, determination, and goal to be the best possible version of herself, there is no doubt that she will make a success of whatever she pursues!

If you want to follow in Lauren’s footsteps and plan to study or are studying at an accredited tertiary institution, click here for more information on the Zerilda Steyn Bursary Fund.