Stephanie from Bothasig Gardens is a final year Bachelor of Nursing student and a recipient of the Zerilda Steyn Bursary class of 2022.

“I am extremely grateful to Communicare and Vulamathuba Empumelelo that I have been blessed with this amazing opportunity!”

Stephanie said assisting her grandparents when they became frail is what made her want to become a nurse. “I realised that other people in the community also need assistance and I was inspired to work towards giving back to the community through nursing.”

Whilst helping people is her passion, Stephanie confessed that studying towards her qualification is not a bed of roses, saying that “it takes hard work and dedication to be successful”. To progress in nursuring, one needs to meet both practical and theoretical requirements.

“I have been working in the local hospitals and clinics to gain practical exposure, whilst juggling this with theoretical work. Working whilst studying is difficult, as you need to prioritise your time and be responsible,” she said.

Stephanie said it helped to have a mother like hers as a role model. “I have learned the meaning of having good morals and values from my mom, as well as numerous other life lessons that have aided me as I have progressed into adulthood”.

She encouraged people wanting to study further to find out what their passion is as loving what one does makes it much easier.  “It’s up to you to persevere and push yourself, to become the best possible version of yourself. All is possible with a positive mindset!”

She also had some pearls to share with girls and young women, saying:

“Strive to make your own path in this world! Don’t let anyone stop you from achieving your dreams and goals. Let’s become confident, independent, successful women!”

The opportunity to secure a Zerilda Steyn Bursary for 2022 is still available:

Students undertaking tertiary studies at universities or accredited colleges including TVETs are encouraged to download the application form here for more information on the qualifying criteria.

Queries can be directed to

The closing date for the application is 31 March 2022.