John Mafwa who resides at Brooklyn was one of the participants in the Entrepreneurship Programme, the Programme is aimed at empowering those that have interest in Entrepreneurship with skills and training that would add value to their business interest. John said he really appreciates the efforts by Vulamathuba to assist Communicare tenants.

Some of the courses he participated in include; Communications and Marketing. The workshops also provided an opportunity for the tenants to interact and share their personal experiences. He plans to start his own Construction company.

Janine Blignault who resides at Ruyterwacht, benefited from the Job Seekers Programme which enabled her to get into the Compass Internship Programme. She realized that as a Communicare tenant she was not aware of the good opportunities which are offered to tenants. She was able to gain workplace experience and attend accredited course for social auxiliary work. Through her experience she has learnt how to engage with different Communicare community members, in a way that enhances their abilities.

Lorraine Knowles from Mez Wallach complex, is one of our elderly tenants, aged 75,  she has benefited from the rental relief incentive through the assistance of Vulamathuba. She is a state pensioner who relies solely on Sassa pension and as a result of the rental relief “I can eat, I can pay for my electricity and water”. She said the social workers were committed to ensuring that she is able to enjoy the benefits of being a Communicare tenant.

Pam Carter from Mez Wallach, runs a knitting class of with 12 tenants. She was pleased to be able to receive support from Vulamathuba in order to ensure that the classes run in a harmonious manner. Vulamathuba provides refreshments for the knitting class and she is very grateful for these efforts. According to Pam our social workers are always readily available to assist our tenants, by making time to go and visit them and listen to any concerns which they may have. Currently Pam is working with our Vulamathuba team to update and revamp the library at the complex.