Vulamathuba Empumelelo’s Matric programme for adult learners commenced in August 2023. After attending regular Saturday and online classes, the students wrote mock assessments on the 2nd and 9th of December 2023.

Prepping for finals
Says Wandile Ntengo, Vulamathuba’s Learning and Development Officer, “Last year’s matriculants struggled with stress and anxiety during the final exams. This year, we wanted to prepare the students properly for the final matric exams scheduled for May/June 2024. The mock exam allows students to experience the examination environment and acclimatise to extraneous factors like anxiety that can affect their performance, it also teaches the students how to manage their time effectively during the exam.”

Moreover, the exam results will help the teachers to individually assess each student’s results which will allow them to tailor their teaching to accommodate everyone in the class.

Feedback from students
The students experienced the mock exams positively.

Alicia Maas from Brooklyn indicated that, “The mock exams are important as it helps you see where you need help.”

Aziz Wynne from Salt River, felt these exams are important because “It gives us a heads-up for the June exams.”

According to Abigail Dube one of the matric tutors, the mock exams are important as “It helps students prepare for the actual exams, identify their weaknesses, address these shortcomings, help reduce anxiety and boost confidence.”

Zenande Bandezi, the Life Sciences tutor, indicated that the mock exams help students “to prepare for their final exams by helping them understand examination rules and regulations which will increase their chances of success.”

Wandile Ntengo stressed that Vulamathuba Empumelelo are committed to providing our students the best teaching and learning experience and these mock exams are another step in achieving these goals.

About Vulamathuba Empumelelo Adult Matric Programme
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