Raising empathetic children in today’s climate is challenging. Fortunately, Vulamathuba Empumelelo offers a range of programmes for young people between the ages of 7 and 18. The programmes aim to instill confidence, respect, a sense of belonging and many more positive traits.

Fostering positive attitudes
In February 2024, Vulamathuba Empumlelo reintroduced their children’s programmes at Drommedaris and Reyger Court in Brooklyn, and Bothasig Gardens in Bothasig.
These JazzArt Dance Theatre showcased some of their dance productions to encourage youngsters between 7 and 15 years to join the dance programme, and LoveLife introduced their life skills classes for 13-18-year-olds through fun and educational games. In addition, the gardening club was a fun way to introduce and encourage gardening for kids of all ages.

These programmes form part of VULAMATHUBA EMPUMELELO’s Social Cohesion offering, which strives to foster positive attitudes toward diversity and promote tolerance and peaceful, harmonious living amongst tenants. Through our dance, life skills and gardening club, children are taught essential skills like empathy, respecting their peers and adults, and accepting others despite differences.
Nicolette Boois, the dance programme coordinator, says that children thrive in a community where they feel a sense of belonging and acceptance. Vulamathuba’s programmes strive to give children that sense of belonging by providing a platform to interact and form friendships with the children at their complex in a safe and fun environment.

The programmes have many benefits:
• Improves physical health as dance improves flexibility, range of motion, physical strength, stamina
and promotes overall health,
• Enhance emotional development as it allows children to express themselves offering a structured
outlet for a healthy physical and emotional release that helps develop emotional maturity,
• Encourage social interaction that allows children to work as part of a team and thus develop a
greater sense of trust and cooperation,
• Nurtures creativity and imagination, which enhances critical thinking,
•nEnhances cognitive development, specifically soft skills like time management and self-discipline.
• Learning how to start and care for a garden contributes to the planet’s health.

What children say
Last year’s participants share what they’ve learnt.

“To love yourself and treat others with respect.” Kayla (12)
“Be kind always and have a good heart.” Achille (11)
“To believe in myself because anything is possible.” Amarachi (11)
“I can achieve all my goals.” Luke (14)
But perhaps Michelle, (10), best describes the value of the programme. “It is fun and makes me happy.”
Nicolette Boois says that these responses indicate how important the programmes are in helping children develop the skills required to navigate life successfully. She encourages parents to enrol their children on these free programmes presented at their complexes.

Join the programme
Sign up your kids for any programmes: e-mail admin@vulmathuba.org.za